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Calligraphy is not just a visual art form!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

The word "calligraphy", derived from the Greek word kaligraphia, means "the art of beautiful writing, elegant penmanship." Typically, when one thinks of something that is beautiful, one thinks of the visual; and no one can deny that calligraphy is beautiful to look at. But it doesn't stop there. When I write, I hear the rhythm and the meter of the scratching of the nib on paper. It's a very peculiar, particular kind of music that would have been a dominant sound in classrooms and scriptoriums long ago. When I am working on a project, I smell the ink. Iron Gall ink, which I love to use, has a distinctly sanguine odor (only when wet). And calligraphy done by hand can be felt. The ink, as it dries, dries on top of the paper, making a texture that is unique to this art form.

We are at a time in history when so much of what we write and what we read is typed and seen on a screen emitting a quiet but ever-present blue light. Handwriting is no longer a prioritized skill in school, and I do not believe cursive is even being taught anymore! (Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments below.) The pace of life has quickened; the amount of noise has increased. We have the world at our fingertips, but how well do we know our neighbor?

With the services I provide through Spire Art Design, I aim to help people connect with each other and with themselves, and to help people slow down and experience life, even for a moment, at a slower pace.

The word "breathe" is written in a Celtic-inspired calligraphy font and bordered by blue flowers and flourishes.


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